Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag, I'm It

Ok, I am now officially swearing off swearing these things off.  I guess if I want a spot in the bloggy world I need to play the bloggy game.  Thanks to Tink for ABC-tagging me.  Link to her survey to find out her super-cool greatest accomplishment.  In fact, go do that while I try to come up with something super-cool to say.  Go.  Now.  But please come back.

A-Attached or Single:  Attached.  Unless you're Johnny Depp or Mr. Darcy, and then I may give some consideration to that.

B--Best Friend(s):  My real best friends, Kelly and Jenna, and hopefully now that we're up here, Kim--see N below--don't blog.  (Kelly is considering it.  She's following me now, which is a good first step.)  But all of my eBFFs are listed to your right.  Try Clan of the Cave Hair.  She's probably my favorite eBFF out of nepotism.

C--Cake or Pie:  Pie.  That's easy.  Unless it's cheesecake.  Which I prefer to pie.  But I don't think cheesecake really qualifies as cake, do you?

D--Day of Choice:  Friday (see, Tink, it's almost like I'm copying you.)

E--Essential Item:  Lipstick and mascara and my blow drier/round brush have a 3-way tie.  I'm so vain.  I even think this post is about me.

G--Greatest Accomplishment: I used to say my bachelor's degree, which I received when #2 was 5 months old.  But 4 times now I have actually finished afghans that I started.  So, you know...

H--Hometown:  Northampton, MA, about which there is a book written by Tracy Kidder called (ironically) Home Town.

I--Indulgences:  Chocolate, Reading

J--January or July:  January, only because that's my birthday.  I love my birthday.  Especially if there is cheesecake.

K--Kids:  3 girls and 1 boy all call me Mom.  Plus a husband who calls me Mina and a Golden who comes when I call her.

L--Life is Incomplete Without:  I should say something meaningful like "the gospel," but my first reaction is "chocolate."  The real answer, though, is Larry, also an "L."

M--Marriage Date:  December 28, 1993

N--Number of Siblings: 1 younger brother, 1 brother-in-law and his wife (see B above), and 3 sisters-in-law and their husbands.

O--Oranges or Apples:  Well, I love both fruits if they are good, but if they stink, they are also each NASTY.  Overall, I think you can find better apples throughout the year.  A great, juicy sweet orange, though.  I am really bad at choosing.

P-Phobias:  Spiders, crowds, and losing my husband

Q--Quotes:  "Curtsey while you're thinking.  It saves time." -The Queen of Hearts in Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  Sorry, Brittany.

R--Reason to Smile:  20 followers.  Aw, come on, someone--make me smile!

S--Season:  Fall.  I love everything about it.  Maybe except soccer season which is OK, but I don't love it.

T--Tag 5 Friends:  I hate this.  I feel so presumptuous.  But: DianeWendy at Going Incognito, Ramona, Brittany, and Kristina.  You don't havta if you don't wanna.  I'll know how to take it.

U--Unknown Facts About Me:  Well, for most of you most things about me are unknown, aren't they.  Keep reading my blog.  Read past posts.  Email me.  I can't make a good list here.  Not enough time.  You'd all get bored.

V--Very Favorite Store(s):  Target (Said with a french accent, of course.)  I actually have a funny story about this.  Hmm--maybe a post for another day.

W--Worst Habit:  Is procrastination a habit?  I procrastinate famously.

X--X-ray or Ultra Sound:  I'm not quite even sure what this means.  You need different tests for different problems.  Neither of those are bad.  What I'm not too keen on is an MRI.  Those are a little freaky.

Y--Your Favorite Food:  Low Point food (I'm trying to think positively, here)

Z--Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius.  Born, I believe, on the cusp.

Added 11/22:  Check out April, who took my tag, and has a way cool blog.

12 fishy comments:

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Yahoo! Tink tagged me too :) ♥ Hugs!

Kristina P. said...

Ummm, I'm still swearing these things off. But I enjoy reading others! Thanks for tagging me anyway.

And I agree about the chocolate.

clan of the cave hair said...

woot! A tag-post that was enjoyable to read! And thanks for the eBFF shoutout...*blush* ( loved the "by nepotism"

Tink said...

So, how are you related to Cave Woman (that's what I call clan of the cave hair hehe). Thank you for doing this. It was fun getting to know you a little better. My birthday is in January too! Great month! Kudos to your degree and FINISHING your afghans! That's a feat in itself. Have a great day.

Jillene said...

I got tagged with this too. Look for it tomorrow.

I love your answers!! This was fun to read!!

April said...

He're funny. I want to do this one....

Melanie J said...

Yeah. Low point foods. Sigh.

But it ends up being worth it.

Wendyburd1 said...

Well I am number 21 on followers, does that make you smile?LOL!

I HATE spiders and crowds too!! And Target of course. One opened down the street a month ago, I am still giddy!!LOL!

Sher said...

Hey Thanks for coming by! Herbal tea? Blech! I tried mixing it with hot chocoalte once, and it was still gross!
And if you're judging from the little packets of spiced cider, I can understand why you'd not like it.
Try the wassail! It's delish!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

P.S. I hope you have an awesome weekend! Check out my blog to get your awards with l♥ts of l♥ve from me :) ♥ Hugs! :) Shauna

April said...

Hee hee thanks!!! So you're in B Town? AWESOME! E-mail me so I we can talk!

rachel said...

You are so funny! After reading this I want some chocolate...oh wait, I always want chocolate :)