Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the Seventh Day of Christmas I posted on my Blog ...

a 7:pm concert (played by #2)

Six homemade stockings 
Five birthday guests
Four excited children
Three gifts from Shauna
Two dozen cookies
and a pretty, decorated Christmas Tree

#2 plays flute in the 7th grade concert band.  The flutes are the first two rows to the right of the conductor.  #2 is on the second row, second chair.  I have to say, these kids are amazing.  I have heard (and been in) my share of jr. high and high school bands, and this is one of the best I've heard, especially for how young they are.  They play well, play together, and have an amazingly full and talented percussion section, which adds depth and fullness.

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clan of the cave hair said...

I've been waiting all day to see what #7 is! Yeah for #2. And how nice for the momma to be able to say nice things about the band and mean them.

Erin said...

I love middle school band concerts. They are so excited to be learning an instrument, and they have so much enthusiasm!

Heatherlyn Colt said...

That was clever to make #7 a time. I'm glad you could enjoy the band concert!

Kristina P. said...

That looks like fun!

And I feel like I just ate 2 dozen cookies. I feel sick!

And I'm not #1 this time!

Tink said...

Yay #2! That's awesome. I love it when kids play an instrument. These are cute posts!

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow the flute! I took it for like a week in 3rd grade. In my defense, I we assumed the teacher would TEACH me how to play it, NOT give me notes on day one and tell me to play them...I have no idea how to read a note, I thought the teacher was there for THAT!! Why get us all excited to try an instrument, go out and GET one or rent one, and then NOT plan on teaching us how to use it?!! Really Mina, does that not sound retarded to you?!

So said...

We will be heading to our son's concert tomorrow. He's in percussion.

It sounds like your son's concert was very nice.

Anonymous said...

Love these concert. We went to my son's last week....He plays the tube of all instruments. He is going to march in the Disneyland parade this weekend.☺

Jeanne said...

Maybe I will do the 5 comments for the contest after all!!!

My daughter plays the piano. Started age 4. 8 now. She's really good. (Even ppl who didn't give birth to her say so). :)

Love your Rated G!!!