Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Christmas I posted on my Blog ...

Five birthday guests

Four excited children
Three gifts from Shauna,
Two dozen cookies, 
and a pretty decorated Christmas Tree.

Okay, to be honest here, there were 4 guests and one birthday boy.  But "guests" alone fit the tune so much better.  So I took poetic license.  Though his party was yesterday, #4 turns 7 in another week and a half.  In the photo he is second from the left.

4 fishy comments:

Erin said...

How fun. I love the hanging stars. And I am sure I will take poetic license many times over the 12 days of Christmas.

Tink said...

I like your new background of snowflakes! And you've got some sizzlin & snazzy guests! Darling Cowboys!

Diane said...

I almost has two children with December birthdays, both came early in November.

You are very welcome to use my wreath photo. I don't know how authentic is, and I usually use shorter candles, but you get the idea.

So said...

Fun! Love the bandana's. It looks like the cowpokes had a great time.