Saturday, April 29, 2006

One Weird Fish

This has been a stressful week. Larry had strep and did not go into work once. I took him to the doctor on Wednesday (that's about 2 1/2 hours just driving!) which pushed my day in the kindergarten room to Thursday. Junior Garden Club has started back up. And I've had two "put-me-to-bed" headaches, which I rarely get these days. So it is one of those weeks that I feel like nothing has gotten done, but I've been constantly busy. I hate it when that happens.

Which brings me to the subject of this post. I haven't had energy to think of anything shockingly profound or even mildly amusing to write about. But I did get "tagged." This would basically be a survey in the email circles. I am supposed to write six "weird" things about myself. Hopefully this sort of thing will not become a blogging trend. If it does I will most likely, in the future, opt out. But between the week I've had and the fact that this friend is not only my freshman roommate but the mother of one of my two namesakes, looks like I'm "it."

Weird thing #1. I cannot answer questions with one word very easily. You know those "personality test" things. I can't take them. They always want you to pick one choice. I prefer to answer with at least one paragraph of explanation. Not that an inability to effectively take these sort of tests is a major hindrance in life, but it is a great intro into this exercise. I mean, what exactly IS weird? What may be just a personality quirk? Maybe something seems weird to me, but if many others share that trait, is it still weird? For instance. I love a good hummus but HATE garbanzo beans. That sounds a little weird--until you think of all the people who hate tomatoes and love ketchup or vice versa. It becomes clear that there is a great difference between a whole food and one that's mushed up and seasoned. Plus my cousin has the same taste with the garbanzos and the hummus. I guess both of us could be weird though . . .

#2. I have a great fear of uncovered windows when it's dark outside. It can be dark or light in the room, no difference. The windows NEED to be covered. Or I might have an anxiety attack.

#3. Lots of people have texture issues, but I've not heard anyone else with this one. I can't deal with fingerprints against fingerprints (or footprints, for that matter). So only rub my feet if I have on socks. I also need to put lotion on with the palm of one hand against the back of the other, then I switch. I love that Bath & Bodyworks hand soap because there are little grains in there, so I can wash my hands like a normal person without freaking out. I can hold hands with my kids or Larry, because that doesn't rub. But I can't imagine ever getting a manicure or pedicure. Blech!

#4. I think my forearms are fat. They aren't. They never have been. But I can't get over thinking that they are.

#5. I'd rather be talking off the cuff in front of hundreds of strangers than one on one with someone I sort of know. Clearly, good friends are a different story. But even my extended family who I haven't interacted with that much are much scarier to me than a crowd. A microphone is a great barrier. It's kind of like this blog. No interaction needed. No need to think of interesting questions to ask. No fear of negative response. If you don't like what I have to say, you can politely ignore me. No hurt feelings. Everyone's fine. Yeah, I really like this blog thing! Maybe even better than a mike.

#6. Larry says this is weird, but I don't know. I am highly annoyable. HIGHLY. Maybe it doesn't seem weird to me because I come by it honestly. Comes from my dad's side of the family, and I was trained from a young age. There are seemingly infinite things, sounds, and people that annoy me greatly. I really can't go into much detail here, or else all of you may start worrying that you will annoy me. In fact, there is a high probability not only that you will, but that you already have. I promise to try to keep that information to myself. And please know that I am FULLY aware that it's not you, it's me.

There you go. I don't really have anyone to tag. Not many friends yet with blogs, and I doubt the Monce Family would be interested. But if you REALLY want to see weird. . .you can check out my friend Jenny's list at

***Two notes: One--you'll have to cut & paste the url, my browser doesn't support the text formatting buttons that uses. Sorry. The second is just plain funny. The spell checker on this site doesn't recognize "blog." Wants to replace it with "bloc." What a kick!

4 fishy comments:

Jenn said...

Hey, now! ;0) LOL!!!!!!!

Mina said...

You know I love you, Jenny. Otherwise, I'd have never said that, lol. And people can link to me now from your page, so I figured I'd return the favor.

Besides, the OCD thing is the only thing that I think is really that weird. And maybe the blanket thing. But mostly the OCD thing. There's help for that now, you know. ;-)

Jenn said...

LOL!!! I know, I know...

kelly said...

So I will have to think about this blog thing some more. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. Of course I had to start with the earliest and work my way to One Weird Fish. As you know we have a blog page on our website but as you can tell if you have read it, it's all Mike. If I do start then I will start with your tag. My only fear with blogging is my inconstitency to keep it up. But you will be the first to know if I start. I at least have to have someone read them ;)