Monday, January 28, 2008

We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet

It was with great sadness that members of my faith learned of the passing of our prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley earlier this evening. Our sadness is not for him, who lived a long and wonderful life; it is only for our selves left here with empty places in our hearts that used to be filled by his leadership and love.

I feel blessed to have heard him address congregations of Southern California via satellite only two weeks ago. He spoke of his concern that families, husbands and wives, be kind and gentle with one another. He being such a loving person could simply not understand families with mean and abusive relationships. I was grateful as I listened to him for my good husband and for my family. I know that President Hinckley must be overjoyed to be reunited with his wife, and I am happy for him.

I will remember President Hinckley for his affectionate way with the members of the Church. He was inspirational in his encouragements to us to be better people. He believed that we could do it. I will remember and be ever thankful for the vast number of temples that were constructed and dedicated under his watch. I will remember the "6 Be's," the Proclamation to the World, and the Living Christ. I will remember interviews with national media figures. I will remember his sense of humor, and that conference never ran over time with him presiding (in fact, sessions generally ended a few minutes early!).

When they were small, my young kids have mistakenly called him names such as "Brother B. Hinckley," and "President Gordonly Hinckley." For as I have taught them about living prophets, he is the man I have pointed them to. He is the man who has been there to help guide me to this point through my adulthood. Growing up, my mother would tell me her memories of President McKay and how he was somehow in her heart always "her prophet." President Hinckley is "my prophet," and even from the other side of the veil he will hold that place for a long while.

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Jenn said...

Very cool. I feel the same way about the recent (stake) conference. I really enjoyed it, but somehow, I knew it'd be the last time I "saw" him. He just seemed so old and frail, which is a change from his norm, ya' know?

Jenn said...

Not really related to this particular post, but I love your new layout. :)