Friday, July 20, 2007

Forgotten Treasure

Have you ever taken a winter coat out of the closet for the first time in a season, only to find money in the pocket? I once found a twenty left from the previous spring. It's so exciting. Like free money. Or lip gloss. Which I have also found more than once in jacket pockets after months of searching in vain for that great new color whose name I can't remember.

Well, I had a variation on this experiential theme happen this month. We had come home from vacation.

(Moms everywhere don't even need an illustration here of what my life was like. For non-moms: it's laundry and unpacking times six and finding homes for newly purchased knick-knacks. It's getting everyones toothbrushes and shoes to their respective rooms. It's returning phone calls and making postponed appointments. It's trying to get back into some sort of groove, which, we moms know, requires almost another vacation period. But we don't get that second vacation and so uptight, type-A moms like me just stress out.)

Home from vacation about a day and a half, and I was unloading the dishwasher. I saw them. They were tucked in the bowl of my food scale. I had already shut the cabinet door before they registered in my brain.


A little over half of a pound bag. Purchased during my stressful vacation preparation period. I couldn't believe that I hadn't finished off the bag before we left. Or that since I hadn't, I hadn't remembered them. I keep track of my chocolate. But there they were. To be honest, I didn't take too long analyzing my forgotten treasure. I just enjoyed the loot.

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Jenn said...

Hee hee! Which KIND of M&Ms? Just plain ones?

LOL about the stress of unpacking. I swear I spent 3 days in a constant anxiety attack whenever we come home from a trip.

And the jacket thing... in Jan. '06, we moved. Somehow, in the process, Mark lost his (rather pricey) sunglasses. He obsessed about it for a while, then gave up, figuring they were a victim of the move (or one of those black holes, like used to be under your bed in our dorm room, LOL). We went out and invested in another pair lest he DIIIIIIIE without them(*eye roll*).

So, months go by, and finally, nearly a year later, there's a day cold enough to need a jacket. Guess what was in the pocket?? Ugh. LOL!!!

Mina said...


Lisa said...

m&m's...yummm, that would be almost as good as finding a 20 in a coat pocket! Oh, and Yeah, can TOTALLY relate to the finding lip-gloss thing. I have done that just about every year. Its so silly.